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 The Soviet Union Collapse.

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The Soviet Union Collapse. Empty
PostSubject: The Soviet Union Collapse.   The Soviet Union Collapse. I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 14, 2011 1:11 pm

Soviet Union began seeing as an Evil Empire since the Cold War when the usa and Soviet Union actually divided the planet into two camps.
Therefore, Reagan began a protection plan of increasing federal expenditures on the military for the subsequent seven years. The plan seemed to lead to victory. By 1985 Reagan felt that the soviets had a leader that was now willing to form a friendly relationship with the U. S. The new leader called Mikhail Gorbachev. From this relationship, an Intermediate variety Nuclear Forces Treaty surfaced, which led to shapes in long-range weapons and many Soviet concessions on cutting down of arms. Gorbachev also urged Yasir Arafat in order to renounce terrorism; he also withdrew troops from Afghanistan, and allowed for political negotiations in Angola and Cambodia. These concessions that the Soviet Union traditionally endured firm on would expected help end the Frosty War. The Soviet Union could no longer remain staunch and stubborn in the Cold War.

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The Soviet Union Collapse.
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