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 How to Install a Hot Tub

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How to Install a Hot Tub Empty
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If you want to pamper yourself in the convenience of your home, a hot tub is just what you need. From a warm soak to a relaxing massage that rejuvenates your mind and body, a hot tub can really act as a stress buster. Experts believe that hydrotherapy has healing properties and hot tubs are highly effective in curing pain in the joints. If all these attributes prompt you to consider installation of a tub in your house, there are a few steps that you need to follow. For installing this tub you can seek professional help. However, it is also possible to do it yourself with a careful and meticulous approach.
Identification of site
The first step in installing a hot tub is identifying the site. While choosing an ideal location you need to keep a few factors in mind. Your tub has to maintain a distance of at least ten feet from any overhead power line to ensure safety and security. Make sure that the installation complies with the safety regulations of the local administrative authority. It is also important to ensure that the site you choose is open and freely accessible. This will make the installation easy and cost effective. If you are planning an outdoor tub the site you choose should preferably be close to your house to avoid inconvenience.
Base of the tub
You also have to consider the base on which the tub will be installed. It has to be strong, durable and should not collapse under the weight of the tub. A strong base with concrete pad is always recommendable. But if you are driven by aesthetic appeal you can choose to install it on a deck or on an elevated platform. However, make sure that your platform or deck can support the weight of 5000 to 6000 pounds. The pressure of water, filled in an average tub, can measure up to 5500 pounds. To this you need to add the weight of individuals sitting in it. Make sure that you do not use light weight materials for the platform as it cannot withstand such high pressure.
Electrical arrangement
Once you have decided on the base of the tub, you need to consider the electrical wiring that your tub needs. Installation of hot tubs requires 240 volts of electricity, a circuit of 20 amps and a powerful heater. Unless you are highly confident of yourself, you should seek professional help. To avoid all risks, the gas lines for your hot tub should preferably be set up by a professional. It is important to have a ground fault protection system to ensure safety of the users.
Plumbing requirements
As for plumbing, you need to use pumps, pipes, storm jets and other equipments as per the specifications provided by manufacturer of your tub. Make sure that your existing water-pipe system suffers as little disruption as possible.
Once your hot tub is installed, it should be checked by a professional to ensure that everything is working fine and there is no risk or danger involved with it. Hot tubs require routine checking and regular maintenance to ensure that they are functioning to their optimum level.
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How to Install a Hot Tub
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